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creditor's right

Creditor's Rights

We represent a wide range of businesses and agencies who are owed money, from the first letter through the completion of the litigation process, and all legal collection procedures necessary for collection. We also handle FDCPA defense and evictions for Landlords.

unemployment appeals

Unemployment Appeals

The Gusdorf Law Firm has a proven track record of winning the vast amount of the unemployment appeals cases undertaken. With our extensive background in unemployment law, we typically handle these cases much more effectively than other firms.

lemon law

Lemon Law

When you have a defective product, such as a car, truck, appliance, or other electronic device, our attorney Bryan Brody, has developed a unique expertise in applying the lemon laws to help you get a manufacturer's buyback or cash settlement.



WE COLLECT… for creditors who are owed monies.

WE COLLECT… the unemployment benefits deserved by claimants.

WE COLLECT… for those stuck with a lemon, be it car, truck or other product.

WE COLLECT… for landlords and file for eviction when rent has not been paid.