Creditor’s Rights – Collections

~Carol E.
Collection Agency

We have worked with the Gusdorf Law Firm for over 20 years. We have always said that their law firm is FANTASTIC. They go the extra mile, and anything that we need they provide. Their staff is friendly and very helpful, and they always have reports and statements on time. We recommend their firm, and they are the type of firm that people wish for but don’t always get.

~Martha T
Collection Agency

My company has used the Gusdorf Law Firm over 10 years. We have had better results with Gusdorf than with any other law firm we have ever tried. Mr. Gusdorf and his staff always respond to my questions quickly and with great expertise. They even help in areas that are not related to any of my cases. I could go on and on about how much I like working with them!

~Diane E
Collection Agency
Owner / Legal Manager

We have used the Gusdorf Law Firm for over 25 years and they have been an outstanding complement to our business. The attention to detail and follow up are qualities that have been indispensable to our company. They go the extra mile and then some! We put our complete faith and trust in this firm anytime we need an attorney.


~Carol E.
Collection Agency
Pre-Legal Manager

We have worked with the Gusdorf Law Firm for evictions and collections for years. We would recommend their firm to anyone. It’s not an easy business but they do it firmly with grace and care. They are THE type of firm needed for evictions.

~Robert G.

We use the Gusdorf Law Firm for our Rent and Possession actions, and they always handle our cases with a sense of urgency. They really care about us and give us great results. They understand the need to immediately evict unpaying tenants.

~Kenneth H.

As a landlord, one of the hardest things I have to deal with is actually getting people OUT when they don’t pay. It’s a shame that the law favors free-loaders. It’s so good to have the Gusdorf Law Firm on my side. They are experts at getting the non-payers out of my property so I can turn the property around and get in quality tenants. These lawyers are great and they really care!

Lemon Law

~Suzanna H.

When I spoke with Bryan Brody I knew that he believed in my case from the start. He kept the pressure on the manufacturer until they finally agreed to take back my car. I not only got rid of my lemon but got a refund of nearly ALL of the money I had spent on it. If you ever have a problem with ANY sort of lemon, you gotta call The Gusdorf Law Firm!

~Darnell D.

I was MORE than satisfied with the cash that Bryan Brody got me. I was even more impressed with the speed that he made it happen. I got the cash. I got to keep my car. I got to keep my warranty, and best of all, I NEVER even had to go to court.

~John M.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the dealer had sold me a lemon. I had heard good things about the Gusdorf Law Firm when it comes to dealing with Lemon Law cases. I’m so glad I called them! They knew how to make the laws work for me. They knew all the best arguments to win my case. I would absolutely recommend you talk to them FIRST if you need justice.

Unemployment Appeals

~Melanie S.

I was unjustly accused by my former employer. My attorney from the Gusdorf Law Firm did an amazing job with my former employer’s witness. After my attorney finished with them, it was like they had no case. The employer couldn’t prove its accusations and I got my benefits. Thanks guys!

~Monica W.

The hearing went EXACTLY the way the Gusdorf Law Firm said it would.  I was SO prepared for my hearing that I was able to answer ALL of the judges questions, and I didn’t feel nervous at all.  I was saved from having to return thousands of dollars and lose my benefits.

~George J.

The Gusdorf Law Firm knows the law. They explained it to me in regular language (not legal speak) so I understood everything. Then, at my hearing, the Gusdorf Law Firm convinced the judge that I had not done anything wrong. I am so thankful for them helping me receive the money I deserve.

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creditor's right

Creditor's Right

We represent a wide range of businesses and agencies that are owed money…and we know how to collect! Click to learn more.


unemployment appeals

Unemployment Appeals

Having represented both employees and employers in many unemployment cases gives us a unique perspective to help you through this process. Click to learn more.


lemon law

Lemon Law

When you have a defective product, let us apply our expertise of the lemon laws to help you get a buy back or cash settlement. Click to learn more.