Creditor’s Rights

When you are owed money, you deserve to be paid. The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC uses every legal method to collect your debt. We work with you from the initial claim and stay with you until you get PAID.

With our vast experience in both retail and commercial claims, we have developed our own in-house methods that increase efficiency and maximize collection for you.


 Creditor’s Rights – Collections

The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC uses every legally permissible method to get the monies owed to you. We have a great deal of experience in handling both retail and commercial claims. Yet, we do more than just the legal side of the case. We are there with you all the way from the initial review, through payment and handling any obstacles along the way. We are constantly developing new arguments and strategies inspired by the latest legal decisions to give you the edge!


 Debt Collector Defense

Consumer attorneys are coming after collection agencies more than ever. You need an experienced attorney on your side who knows creditors’ rights and FDCPA defense inside and out. At the Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC we have hands-on experience as aggressive collection attorneys and we are justifiably proud of our record in this regard.


  Landlord/Tenants Eviction

Your livelihood depends on tenants paying the rent they owe you. So when they don’t, it’s time to call The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC! We navigate landlords through the complicated Missouri laws dedicated to these actions. We are experts at recovering possession of the premises as well as recovering of the money owed for rent and damages. Just provide us the information and documentation and we will file your lawsuit.


Creditor's Rights – Collections

We have used the Gusdorf Law Firm for around 25 years and they have been an outstanding complement to our business.



One of the hardest things is actually getting people OUT when they don’t pay. It’s so good to have the Gusdorf Law Firm on my side.


Unemployment Appeals

At my hearing, The Gusdorf Law Firm convinced the judge that I had not done anything wrong. I am so thankful for them helping me receive the money I deserve.


Lemon Law

I was MORE than satisfied with the cash that Bryan Brody got me. I was even more impressed with the speed that he made it happen.