Let us collect for you!

We don’t just go for the judgment, we go for the MONEY! And…we have a track record in settlements and post judgment collections to prove it.


    • Unlike many collection firms, we always make ourselves available to respond to YOUR questions and needs in a timely way.
    • Our firm has over 40 years experience in successfully handling collection cases.
    • We will be there with you from the initial claim review through your getting paid.
    • We have handled thousands of these cases and have secured favorable verdicts for our clients in nearly all of them.
    • We work to resolve cases without the need for your clients to appear in court.
    • We pride ourselves on our mastery of the Rules of Civil Procedure and the relevant statutes and case law.
    • Our understanding the complex nature of collections such as garnishments, bankruptcy, probate, and foreclosure allows us to be particularly effective in resolving these cases.


The cases we typically win:

      • Retail – We collect against consumers for all types of debts such as credit cards, medical bills, utilities, and many others.
      • Commercial – We handle secured and unsecured debts for small and large businesses. We have represented business such as banks and other lenders, landlords, equipment lessors, contractors, and insurance companies. These claims often involve a breach of contract, and we are as comfortable relying on a statement of account as we are with enforcing personal guarantees.
      • Foreign Judgments – We are happy to continue to assist attorneys, individuals, and businesses across the country to register judgments taken in other states and enforce those obligations in Missouri
      • Automobile Deficiency – We work with dealerships and banks when a balance remains due on an installment contract, or after repossession and re-sale of a vehicle.
      • Replevins – We get your stuff back! When our clients are entitled to possession of leased goods, we quickly secure an Order for Immediate Possession. We do this especially quick when there is a danger of someone destroying or taking your property. We then pursue the amount owed that remains unpaid.
      • Landlord Evictions – We represent landlords in evictions and collections. Please click HERE to visit this section.
      • Construction – We file mechanics’ liens on real estate, as well as pursue the lawsuit to enforce the obligation. We also use the Missouri Public Works Prompt Pay Act (section 34.057 R.S.Mo.) and the Private Prompt Pay Act (section 431.180 R.S.Mo) when applicable.
      • Post-Judgment – Some clients come to us already having secured a judgment, but have been unable to collect anything from the defendant. We can help you execute on your favorable result.


What’s it going to cost you?

We pride ourselves in offering competitive contingent or hourly rates. We will be happy to discuss our fee arrangements in greater detail when we speak.


The 3 Main Steps of the Collection Process.

Step 1: We Review Your Account:

      • We do a detailed review of the information you provide on your claim, and identify and locate the people who owe you money.
      • We provide you with recommendations on the best way to proceed.
      • Once we enter you into our collection system, we provide prompt reporting on the progress of your collections.

Step 2: Negotiation and Litigation.

      • We work to secure payment from those who owe you money without the need to go to court.
      • If our demand for payment do not result in you getting paid, we will then file a lawsuit and proceed with litigation.
      • There are many, many, possible events and outcomes once we file the lawsuit. Our expertise allows us to effectively narrow down all the options that provide you with the best possible results.
      • We forward settlement offers to you and will negotiate with the defendant to achieve maximum payment.

Step 3: Collection.

      • If those who owe you money want an extended payment arrangements, we seek voluntary judgment securing your right to court enforcement.
      • If those who owe you money resist voluntary payment, we move directly towards obtaining judgment in your favor based on our vast experience and knowledge of collections.
      • We employ a variety of investigative methods and services to effect collections for our clients.



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Q: How long have you been handling collection cases?

A: Randall E. Gusdorf has been practicing law since 1983 and has concentrated his practice in collections since 1986. The Gusdorf Law Firm has maintained the highest commitment to excellence in collections services since its inception, expanding its services and capabilities in the area of collections every year since 2002. We continue to make capital investments to enhance and expand our collections capabilities. We are committed to specialization in collections, now and into the future

Q: What areas do you service?

A: In order to insure the highest quality of service to our Clients, we service the entire State of Missouri, eastern and southern Illinois, Kansas, and Arkansas in our practice.

Q: What size is your firm?

A: We are a medium-sized firm, with support staff who concentrate in document analysis, document creation, monitoring claims and files, investigation, garnishments, bookkeeping, and information technology. Please click HERE to see our full attorney profiles.

Q: How do you approach collections?

A: The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC supports our clients by emphasizing a philosophy of collections by cooperation, and prides itself on finding workable solutions to any situation.

Q: How big of a case can you handle?

A: There is no size limit to what we can pursue. We have had great success working with the entire spectrum creditor cases; from a few month’s rent to high-dollar medical bills.

Q: How small of a case will you handle?

A: We will entertain small-balance accounts depending on the volume of placements with our firm.

Q: How many cases can you handle at once?

A: We have a proven system for taking creditor cases through the entire process to recover your money. Using this system, we effectively handle thousands of cases simultaneously…because we already do!

Q: What makes you successful at debt collection over and above other firms?

A: We put our client first!
We know all the subtle nuances to the credit law system.
We have excellent working relationships the local judges and have developed a shorthand in working with them.

We go after ALL the potentially responsible parties and are relentless at pursuing the money you are owed.
We excel at piercing the corporate veil and going right to where YOUR money is being held.

Q: What kind of communication can we expect?

A: We have developed reports that clients find very valuable, at intervals of our clients’ choosing.
We timely respond to specific questions about your case and the status of collections via email, fax, and telephone.


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We have used the Gusdorf Law Firm for around 25 years and they have been an outstanding complement to our business.



One of the hardest things is actually getting people OUT when they don’t pay. It’s so good to have the Gusdorf Law Firm on my side.


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At my hearing, The Gusdorf Law Firm convinced the judge that I had not done anything wrong. I am so thankful for them helping me receive the money I deserve.


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