Local Counsel

Local Counsel Appearances

The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC appears as local counsel for many law firms unable to appear at a St. Louis area courthouse. Our office is a few minutes walk from the St. Louis County courthouse, and we handle dockets almost every week in St. Louis County, St. Louis City, and St. Charles County, as well as frequently appearing in other venues, such as the Eastern District of Missouri Federal District Court and Bankruptcy Court.

We offer professional and timely litigation services, including appearing at docket calls and case management conferences, motions, depositions, and bench trials. Our busy litigation practice means we can provide advice on local rules and local court practices. We contact you if we see any problems, or to offer suggestions, as we assist you with your cases. Our commitment to technology means we are able to efficiently view any relevant documents, calendar the court appearances, and promptly provide you with the results.

The Gusdorf Law Firm, LLC understands the role of local counsel and is always careful to maintain the integrity of the lead attorney-client relationship. You can be assured that your relationship with your client remains secure. We will not solicit your client to retain us.

We appreciate the confidence that has been shown us, as we believe we have earned that respect. Please contact us to discuss your needs and our fees.

Contact us to let us begin helping you NOW. Please include your phone number and the time and date you need us to appear for you. We will respond immediately.

Call:  314-942-6571
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Main Practice Areas

creditor's right

Creditor's Right

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unemployment appeals

Unemployment Appeals

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lemon law

Lemon Law

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