Defending you against the Big 3: FDCPA, TCPA, FCRA…and MORE!

Can we help you? YES!

We have an excellent track record of working directly with debt collection agencies to successfully defend them against claims. Here are the facts:

  • If your attorneys’ arguments aren’t working for you, if you are paying too much and getting too few results then it’s time to let the Gusdorf Law Firm take a fresh look.
  • Clients routinely tell us that we bring a creative and unique approach to every case.
  • Winning isn’t just about a track record, it’s a matter of persistence and creativity. We are constantly developing new arguments and strategies inspired by the latest legal decisions to give you the edge!


Should you surrender and settle your claim without talking to us? NO!

Settling means that you will have to immediately write a check AND once you become “the agency who settles,” the other side will expect that EVERY time. We only settle your claim if it’s warranted and then we know the best way to do it. Here are the facts:

  • Consumer attorneys are aggressive in their claims and demands. You need intelligence and know-how on your side more than ever.
  • You need suggestions based on highly qualified legal analysis. Anything else and you’re just making guesses on how to proceed.
  • Randal E. Gusdorf and Bryan E. Brody are both experienced litigators and lecturers on defenses to the FDCPA and other consumer claims. We maintain close professional ties to the credit and collection industry, both locally and nationally.
  • The Gusdorf Law Firm has a deep knowledge and understanding of the important FDCPA and consumer court decisions, and continually stays abreast of the most recent developments.
  • We are at the forefront of litigation strategies to combat FDCPA and consumer claims, and we will work with you to review your procedures and policies to reduce future claims and lawsuits.


Why should you hire us?

  • First and foremost, we believe that you shouldn’t be held for ransom if you haven’t done anything wrong!
  • We know when to settle cases and when to try them. Usually, it will cost you much more to settle than to win.
  • Consumer attorneys are making more outrageous demands than ever. You shouldn’t have to suffer because they can’t be realistic.
  • We work with our clients to establish a reasonable rate for our services. We strive to balance the need for a vigorous defense with our understanding of the costs of allowing us to fight for you.


The 3 Main Categories of our Creditor Defense Services.

Pre-Litigation Negotiation:

Step 1: Send us the consumer attorney’s demand as soon as you get it!

Step 2: We will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the claim and give you a pair of “fresh eyes” to provide you with a novel perspective.

Step 3: We will attempt to negotiate a favorable resolution on your behalf.

Litigation Resolution:

Step 1: Send us the lawsuit as soon as you’ve been sued in court.

Step 2: Based on the specific facts of your case, we create a unique and optimal strategy to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Step 3: We go to Court and battle for you using all available tools in the legal arsenal.

Litigation Prevention:

  • The fact is that anyone can be sued for anything. We do a thorough review of your correspondence, policies, and procedures to minimize your exposure to claims and high dollar losses.
  • We provide you with specific recommendations; adding or subtracting language that has worked before and matches the current state of the law.
  • Bottom Line: Since one of our primary practice areas is collection litigation, we have daily hands-on practical experience with typical and uncommon situations that arise. Chances are, if you have an issue, we have handled it before and know what to do.



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Q: How do I know if I have a strong defense?

A: There are many factors to investigate. We analyze the evidence and compare the allegations with the facts. We review prior decisions to see what defenses have been most successful. Often, we work with our clients to talk to witnesses and discuss their experiences. We then present to our client the strengths and weaknesses of the possible defenses that could be pursued and find a mutually agreeable strategy.

Q: What do you do that’s different from other firms?

A: As a law firm with a specialty in creditors rights, we have a intense focus on and deep understanding of the FDCPA and other statutes. We want our clients to see our eagerness and enthusiasm to innovate and litigate. And while we fight hard for our clients when appropriate, we also encourage settlement when necessary.

Q: What if the lawsuit is already in progress?

A: Don’t go it alone. In Missouri, a business must be represented by an attorney in Court. Please contact us as soon as possible to avoid missing any important deadlines..

Q: I want to get out of this quickly. Should I just settle?

A: No. Even if you want to resolve the case, a hasty decision to “just pay” can not only cost thousands now, but set an unfortunate precedent for the future. Let us negotiate so the other side can see your resolve, and maybe reduce the demand.

Q: How long should I expect this process to take?

A: Depending on the demand and the offer, it can be as short as an hour, though a protracted court battle can take years. Experience and expertise is often the determining factor. We look at each matter on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Other attorneys have told me that this is a difficult case. Can you still help?

A: Yes. We want, and get, cases other attorney’s can’t handle or don’t know what to do. The more unique or difficult the case, the greater opportunity for us. Let us help you discern the proper path.

Q: What can I expect once you have taken my case?

A: You can expect expert service, detailed interaction, and an aggressive approach. We strive to reach a favorable outcome, and are not afraid of telling our clients what they may not want to hear.

Q: What if the demand or lawsuit includes other statutes?

A: In addition to the FDCPA, our knowledge and focus includes the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA), and other related rules and regulations.


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Creditor's Rights – Collections

We have used the Gusdorf Law Firm for around 25 years and they have been an outstanding complement to our business.



One of the hardest things is actually getting people OUT when they don’t pay. It’s so good to have the Gusdorf Law Firm on my side.


Unemployment Appeals

At my hearing, The Gusdorf Law Firm convinced the judge that I had not done anything wrong. I am so thankful for them helping me receive the money I deserve.


Lemon Law

I was MORE than satisfied with the cash that Bryan Brody got me. I was even more impressed with the speed that he made it happen.