We are the premier Lemon Law experts, having handled over 1000 Lemon Law cases!

The cases we typically win:

  • You purchased a car or truck that came with a warranty, or you purchased ANY consumer product that cost more than $3,000.
  • Your vehicle or product has had an unreasonable number of repair attempts.
  • The vehicle has or product been broken or out of service for an unreasonable length of time.


We want to help you with your lemon!

  • We won’t take a case we know we WILL win for you.
  • Since we don’t get paid unless we win or settle your case, we have become VERY good at picking out winning cases.
  • If YOU feel that what happened to you is unreasonable, we want to hear from you.


What’s it going to cost you?

  • For cases where we receive a favorable judgment or settlement, we will recover attorney fees from the other side. We are so certain that we will win any case we take on that are willing to take invest our time in getting you the results you deserve.


The 3 Main Steps of the Lemon Law Process.

Many manufacturers try to sound like they are helping you but they are actually delaying the process of fixing the problems and are not protecting your rights. Our 3 Step Process provides clients with proven results by reaching the people who have ACTUAL authority to resolve the issue.

Step 1: We send a demand letter.

We contact the manufacturer directly to see if we can reach a solution without going to court.

We do a thorough review of your purchase documents and repair orders OR we will help you obtain them if you do not have them.

Step 2: We try to get a quick result through negotiation.

We negotiate with the manufacturer on your behalf.

Chances are, we will have a previous relationship with the representative which allows us faster access and an easier negotiation.

Step 3: If they are unwilling to settle.

We will file the lawsuit in court and begin preparing for trial. However, we still urge the manufacturer to settle.

While, this process varies from case to case, we work hard to persuade the manufacturer to give you what you deserve!

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We have designed this online form to speed up the process of handling your case. We ask that you fill this out BEFORE calling since we would be asking you the SAME questions over the phone. This way, we can be ready to discuss the details of your case the moment we start talking.

If you have a product other than a vehicle that cost you more than $3000, we would be very interested in discussing your case with you. Please click this button to describe your case.


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Creditor's Rights – Collections

We have used the Gusdorf Law Firm for around 25 years and they have been an outstanding complement to our business.



One of the hardest things is actually getting people OUT when they don’t pay. It’s so good to have the Gusdorf Law Firm on my side.


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At my hearing, The Gusdorf Law Firm convinced the judge that I had not done anything wrong. I am so thankful for them helping me receive the money I deserve.


Lemon Law

I was MORE than satisfied with the cash that Bryan Brody got me. I was even more impressed with the speed that he made it happen.